When a pandemic strikes and she catches it –

My heart broke as I talked to the bride on the phone. Thoughts of all of the reschedules, contingency plans, and sacrifices already made go whirling through my mind. How can this happen? They are so close to the big day. What can be done? Finally I am left with sadness and disbelief. This couple has overcome mountains to make it to their wedding day. Where do we go from here?

Two days later, I receive a call from the bride’s mother. They are keeping the date. She explains, the bride will be 1 day from CDC cleared as no longer contagious and they want to move forward. They asked if I would be willing to come photograph the wedding in their backyard, social distancing and masks on for everyone’s safety. With all of the photos happening outside and the couple in full agreement that I would stay 6-10 feet away at all times, I agreed to come and capture the day.

The big day came and the weather was beautiful. Yay! Finally a win for these two! The bride wore her wedding gown and walked down a white isle runner with her dad. She looked amazing. The intimate ceremony was shared on zoom with friends and family not in attendance. Everyone cheered and toasts were made online and in person to celebrate their union. After they cut their cake, we met at the Hendry House, Fort CF Smith, in Arlington for their wedding portraits. It was bittersweet for me. I imagined what the day would have been like with all of their friends and family gathered there for the ceremony and reception. It was quiet and peaceful as we walked through the gardens. If they noticed the stillness, it didn’t seem to bother them. They were just happy to be together. Their smiles never ending.

Their life story will be an amazing one, I’m sure. They are tried and true in love and hurdling all obstacles that life may present today! I am overjoyed to share their pictures with you! Congratulations Gabby + Denzel!