My eyes were tearing up as I relived this wedding day. There was joy, energy and many heartfelt moments (you’ll see!) throughout the day. How I long for these days to return! Today I went to the store to buy a frying pan. After finding my pan, I wandered around the store looking at all the colorful school supplies we will not need this year. A man came out of the isle and said, “Oh, excuse me.” I said, “No worries, I am just entertaining my eyes.” Sometimes it’s nice to dream and remember the happy times. I hope this post takes you to your happy place today!

This beautiful wedding was at Breaux Vineyards in Purcellville, VA. The expansive grounds at Breaux are some that I know well. I have photographed many weddings and events here. It is a fun day for me when couples give me the freedom to search out beautiful places for them to take their portraits. Tiffany + Nick did not disappoint! We went to many places around the property to create their stunning portraits. Enjoy the party!