I learned a few years ago that taking Easter portraits of my little ones does not work after they have eaten handfuls of chocolate! Even with help and several takes, I still couldn’t get that “perfect” portrait. As the old saying goes… Time heals all wounds. Well, I wouldn’t call them wounds, but rather expectations. Wanting that perfect picture drives parents (myself included!) to do insane things. We beg, we bribe and practically stand on our heads. Yes, I am right there with you! The funny thing for me? Those crazy photos of my kids acting goofy are actually my favorites now. I have one of those long ago Easter portraits with my son giving me an “I’m so done” face and my daughter literally stuffing a carrot shaped bag of M&Ms in her mouth taped to my printer. It is a daily reminder of the silly times we share and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

The moral of this story… When planning your family session, make certain your little ones get enough rest and eat healthy food that day. Think about ending your one year session with a fun cake smash or ending a family session with some silly family portraits. They will be the gems in your album or hanging on your wall that your kids will remember and you will laugh about and treasure.