So, from the last post about a baby who slept her entire session we move to a little boy who would not fall asleep! Yes, not once in 4.5 hours did this little man close his eyes and drift off to sleep. Mommy fed… we rocked… we hoped… and for the first time ever, I was outlasted by a 5 day old baby! It was the funniest thing, Aidan would close his eyes for a second or two and then open one eye just enough to observe all the action. Eventually we gave in and did exactly what Aidan wanted to do… photos of him nursing. They are some of my favorite images from our session together. I also love the portraits with daddy in his uniform and Aidan in his camo hat with daddy’s dog tag. The maternity portraits are gorgeous as well. The photos with Buddy the dog crack me up. So much personality in this little pup. I hope you enjoy them.