Love those lips!

This little one has a full head of hair and the most gorgeous lips. Marjorie was a month and a day old when I captured her portraits and was surprisingly the first baby EVER to sleep through her entire portrait session! It was fantastic! She has two doting parents who absolutely adore her and the best smile. Marjorie gave her momma a big full grin during their portraits together. It is one of those moments that you just can’t help but smile when you see it. I am still laughing at a comment made by her daddy when I asked him to pick some of the vine they had growing on their fence for one of her portraits. He told me he thought it was poison ivy. I started laughing and told him it was honeysuckle. He spent the next 10 minutes trying to decide which part of the vine to cut for her portrait. No kidding : ) It was so endearing and looks amazing wrapped around the rustic bed she is sleeping in!