My little guy is three! “No more 2’s,” as he would say. It was a whirlwind of parties and celebrations to bring him into his 3rd year of life… cupcakes (with LOTS of sprinkles as requested) and fun times with friends and family. And no photographer’s child can enter into a new digit without a photo to document the passage of time and the growing up of a little man. I was determined to take his portrait before the big day and my little guy was such a trooper! Having him well trained since birth, we set out on a blustery morning for the location I had found while out jogging around our neighborhood. It is amazing the great places you can stumble upon that are right under your nose. With snow falling and boogies running down his nose, I captured his portrait in less than 5 minutes. He is such a sweetheart to put up with a determined momma like me : ) !