Emilyn is 11 weeks old. It is so hard to believe. So, I must confess… I have not taken many studio pictures of her recently. I know I know! Days are passing by and my little girl is growing up right before my eyes. I had very good reason for not snapping away… my little cutie was looking like a little old man (said my husband… but I honestly had to agree!). She had a shiny bald head and the only hair remaining was a ring over her ears around the back of her head and a small tuft up on top. I am her mother so I can say… it was not attractive! We are past that stage now and her fuzzy hair is happily growing back in. I am amazed that such fine hair can stand straight up. So now she has short fuzzy hair in the front and a long ploom of hair on top creating her fashionably chic mohawk!