Last weekend was SO SUPER COLD! I am the type of person who walks out of the house without a coat and sporting flip flops in the middle of winter. Then I realize I am frozen to the bone and wonder what I was thinking : ) I totally rely on my husband to tell me what to wear when we go for our hikes and outings. I am just horrible at judging the weather. Well, last weekend, my hubby was sleeping in as I left for my engagement session with Nicole and Dave. All I could think was thank goodness I grabbed a light jacket on my way out… just in case. Boy did I need it! and a scarf and a hat wouldn’t have hurt either. The weather did not stop these two from taking advantage of the beautiful fall foliage we were so fortunate to have after Frankenstorm passed through. I was so surprised when Nicole told me that she rarely gets cold… how perfect that I would have a session with these two love birds on a freezing cold morning. The park was gorgeous. It looked like spring and fall fell in love and I have the pictures to prove it. Hope you enjoy them.