I have been thinking for months now that I need to start a post series that provides tips and advice for the happy couple. Having been to hundreds upon hundreds of weddings over the past 12 years, I have seen a lot. I would love to share some tips and tricks I have picked up along the way. Here are a few must haves for the big day that you will want to make certain are in your emergency kit.

Baby Wipes – What you say? These are the hidden gem of every wedding day! I have seen so many brides use them to get spots out of their dress and from what I can tell, they do not leave a water mark behind.

Scissors – A total must have. Cut those hanging straps off all the strapless dresses. They end up popping out in pictures all day long. Most likely, you will be putting your dress in a preservation box after the big day so it will not need to hang again. If you do decide to hang up your gown after your wedding day, your dry cleaner can sew those bad boys back on again for you.

Touch up Kit – Pack a make-up touch up kit or ask your make-up artist if you can buy the powder and lipstick they are applying for your wedding day. Then, make certain you use it! Your big day will be so busy and time just flies by. Some times you will want to re-apply are before your portrait session with your hubby (of course!), before family formals and periodically though out the evening. Stay looking fresh for all those gorgeous photos.

Bobby Pins and Safety Pins – These are the fix all tools of every wedding day… kind of like duct tape to a handy man : ) All kinds of pins really come in handy as the night progresses. Yes, hair styles do not always stay in place and bustles do break. Have some spares so you can fix that out of place hair or repair your dress.

Umbrellas – Want to guarantee it will be sunny on your wedding day? Buy some oversized colorful umbrellas for yourself and your bridal party. I find that when couples come prepared, mother nature steps up and gives them a gorgeous day. Umbrellas are a nice option for outdoor photos when it is not a downpour outside.

Enjoy the moment – Take just a minute to step back with your hubby and enjoy the party from a distance. Soak in the music, the dancing, people laughing and having a good time. Savor all the hard work you have put into your day and walk away with a wonderful mental snapshot.

Best Wishes for a smooth and wonderful day!