One and one makes two! These brothers are full of energy and so sweet together. It is great to see Amanda and Jon’s growing family and I feel honored that they choose me to capture these special moments. Our session was a whirlwind of excitement (as you can see in Nicolas’ face… I love those shots!). Noah was so sweet, tiny, and very strong. He is able to lift up his head and look all around already. The photos with the two boys together make my heart melt. Their beautiful blue eyes steal the show and I have to laugh when I see the photo of Nicolas going to give Noah a kiss on his head and it looks like he might take a bite, while Noah has no idea what is about to happen. Sweet moments that will always be cherished. What a beautiful family.

A note – Hi Pamela! You did such an amazing job. When Jon and I did the first run-through of picking our favorites we came up with sixty! The pictures were beautiful and you did an amazing job, as always:) Thanks again! Amanda