Yes, tank girl! This is how I got my start… modeling military weapons. Oh no, so not true! This photo was taken by a dear friend of mine, Michael Ives… a very talented photographer from Oklahoma, while we were on a shoot at a “tank farm”. I got my start in the photography biz working with many photographers from all over the country as their photography assistant.

A typical day for me as an assistant… On the shoot day, I would show up at their studio to pack up all their gear. Then, off we’d go to the shooting location. When we arrived, we would scout out locations and I’d start setting up lighting and the million other things we brought with us to make some beautiful pictures. What I loved most about my days were getting to go to places most people never get to see. I have been in the attic of the Smithsonian and seen things not on display… shrunken heads, sarcophagus… I’ve been a mile under the earth in a coal mine, standing knee deep in water holding lighting equipment. There’s a guy over my shoulder reading the dust levels in the air so we don’t blow the place up when the flash goes off. I’ve been on the catwalk at the top of the Verizon Center, on a container ship from China and many many other fun places.

Being a photo assistant was a great way to learn the photography trade and I am so thankful for the many photographers that shared their craft with me.