My husband always tells me that he will always remember me sitting in front of my computer. I have a pretty big monitor so hopefully the soft glow is smoothing out any wrinkles : ) I certainly don’t want to be remembered looking a mess!

Seriously though, I suppose I do spend a lot of time editing weddings, events and portrait sessions. I don’t mind it because I truly love what I do. I am so excited after a shoot that I usually start downloading images right away. I am as anxious as you are to see and share the beautiful photographs from our session together.

I have not really thought much about a legacy. I am an easy going person who finds joy in simple things… spending time with family, learning something new, exploring places, watching old re-runs of The Office and relaxing on a sunny beach with a cool drink in my hand.

My legacy? It will be the milestones of the many couples, families and clients who’s portraits and momentous occasions I have captured. Holding those memories fresh and alive for many generations to come. My legacy will be those treasured photographs that you hang on your wall for your lifetime, reminding you of days past, wedded bliss, a growing belly or the pitter patter of little feet. All of the photographs created with your love spilling through, touching many hearts for countless generations to come.