The holidays are such a fun time of year. I love listening to the music, decorating our home and of course putting up our Christmas tree. This year, my son Benjamin, is a year and a half old and cannot get enough of the lights. He goes down each strand pointing to the next bulb and telling me what color it is. (Of course Red is “stop” and Green is “go”… we taught him some of his colors while driving in the car : ) It is very sweet.

Last night we put up our Christmas tree. Ben was curious but not as interested as he might have been since we put all white lights on the tree this year. Last year Benny spent most of the holidays crawling under the tree as if it were a cool fort for him to play in. This year, I thought we might be in the clear. That was until this afternoon…

Benny and I were making the most of a rainy day playing catch in the house. After a while, I got up to grab a drink of water from the kitchen. When what to my wondering eyes would appear but a beautiful ornament sailing right past me and crashing onto the floor. Benny had walked over to our tree, grabbed one of my beautiful Appalachian Spring glass ball ornaments and sailed it like a fast ball right past his momma. If only I had seen it coming I might have been able to save this beauty from shattering on the tile.

A little treasure lost but some treasure gained as well. I had no idea my little guy would envision our Christmas tree as a giant tower of baseballs just waiting for him to p-l-a-y ball! The mind of a child… always keeps you guessing!